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2/21/00: Adam B: 14, and already a Honda Man with his own Honda website!


Finally, someone that appreciates the Insight as much as you do! I too love the Insight... but you know what? I love Honda more. I love them because they cared. It didn't matter to them that they might lose some money, or that they might have made a big mistake. I respect Honda for taking such a gamble.

I'm only 14, and because of that people think I appreciate Honda because its cars are racy, or look good. Those aren't the reasons I like Honda at all... I like Honda because they are a very organized company. They know where they want to go. They're also a very ecology-concious company. They build the world's most reliable cars, and from my family's ownership experience with our Civic, I've learned enough to know that I want only one brand of car when I grow old enough to drive. That make is Honda.

Obviously, I don't want to restrict myself and say that my first car will be an Insight, as Honda will be putting the IMA into all of its fours by 2K5 if all goes as planned. There are a multitude of cars that could become faster, yet more efficient. The Accord, the Prelude, the Civic, and CR-V will all use the new Four for sure. A Civic would fit my lifestyle, but if all else fails, I always have our beloved Insight to fall back on!

As you can probably tell, I'm a diehard Honda fan. While I can't say you've made the decision to buy an IMA equipped Honda (I had already planned to do so, not to mention that I am planning for what may be a few years into the future), you've definitely given me much more confidence in Honda. I will continue to follow your page and chart your progress! I don't suppose that there will be any major problems with your Insight. After all, its a Honda.

Anyway, this was just a quick note to tell you that I appreciate you and what you're doing for Honda fans and future Insight owners :) Enjoy your Insight, drive safely, and let me know if I can do anything for you.

Kindest Regards,
Adam B.

P.S. I hope it is okay that I have already linked to your page on my website, www.vsta.com/~demio

[Adam, my man! Websites are made for linking; I'm adding your fine Honda website to my list, too. Thanks a million for your intelligent and well-written message! If anything will put the fear of declining market share into the "minds" of other car companies, it's the youth of America voicing opinions like yours.--InsightMan.]