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2/14/00: Insight Owners Jennifer and Matt in Portland, OR


We just figured it out today. We averaged around 50 today in the city. Seems like we needed to read more of the owner's manual!

As for "our story," my husband and I have been aware of the Insight for quite some time now, and decided to go and see it for the first time last weekend at the Auto Show right here in Portland. We were told that we were the youngest persons inquiring about the Insight. ( I am 21 and my husband, 24) Most buyers tend to be middle-aged men. Go figure. lol

[HEY! WATCH THAT! --InsightMan (50 going on 14 sez wife as I read her this letter)]

The next day, I called around town, only to find out none of the dealers had gotten any in. Well, it only took a few days before, what seemed to be the first dealer in town, I found a dealer who was not waiting to get one in. They had gotten a red Insight that was being displayed in their showroom.

Guess we weren't too picky about the color, even though I was leaning more toward the silver one. After several hours of getting the paperwork done and getting insurance we drove it home. That was 3 days ago, I believe on the 11th (feb.). I shouldn't fail to mention, as with most car dealerships, the salespersons were completely unhelpful and ignorant as to the new Insight. We didn't have a clue Honda makes you purchase the floor mats from them. Guess we naively thought those came with the car!

Anyway, glad that awful process is over with. We are having so much fun driving our new car and seeing how much we can improve on our gas mileage. No complaints whatsoever here. We were told that ours was the 216th one manufactured. As to how many have been sold in the Portland area, I don't know. But, obviously, it can't be too many.

My husband and I are very excited to be on the front of more environmental steps to be taken in the future to ensure that our planet is better taken care of. We know about Toyota's hybrid which is coming out this summer, which didn't look quite as neat, but definitely is more practical for an only car!

As for other car manufacturer's following suit, we know of none here in the States, except for that Mercedes is still perfecting their fuel-cell model. Quite honestly, it doesn't seem as though integrating more fuel efficient vehicles into the general public is wanted by corporate America. After all there are only dollars to be lost by oil company's, who could not guarantee the now big business fueled by all the gas guzzlers presently on the road. Saving the planet hardly makes money for big businesses. And after all, what makes our country number one. It is no surprise America takes such small steps toward environmental action. It just plain old doesn't make them enough money. We just hope other car manufacturer's will recognize the high demand for such vehicles, and not be swayed by oil companies to do otherwise.

jennifer borisch
825 SW Broadway Drive
portland, OR 97201
 liljen0911 @yahoo.com
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