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4/14/00: Garrett Briggs goes motivational: "Never lose your insight"

InsightMan here. In an e-mail reply to Garrett, I said that I often go days without having anything interesting to say on my website. I told him that today's Log entry would have been.

"I got 73 mpg on the way to work today. Nobody waved at me and I didn't even see anyone turn their head to look at my car. I washed my car yesterday and it still looks pretty clean." Yawn.

Garrett's inspirational reply was, ...well, inspirational:

Yes, most definitely, Yawn. But that little piece there had nothing about your heart or passion. Nothing about your desire to want to drive this car. Or a captured inspiration when you look at the field of gas cars on the road.

It's not about how clean the car is, or how much more mileage you got today over yesterday, or that nobody noticed you (it is a small car.) It's about change. A change in our lifestyles. An accommodation that we must transition into. We are the pioneers that have to offer free tours of this technology to those without the knowledge. To those who are unaware that it is a better world tomorrow or, shall I dare - today!. Passion is never about appearance - us 'average' guys know that. The fact that you are your certain age and embarking on a radical new quest is incredible. I mean, did you even imagine 10 years ago you would be driving a future car like this? That you would be a spokesman for a technology that is in the direction of a great good?

Never lose that re-invented spirit you had in your eyes when you first saw your Insight. Remember that feeling? Was is boring? Were you just too excited that you quietly looked at the car but had a zillion thoughts race in your mind? With the Insight, it's what's inside that counts. It's not a Honda thing, it is a 'mankind is great' thing.

And one last note, because I thought about this a week ago. Instead of scanning the streets for people looking and waving at you, wave first, and smile. Smile like you are happy. Smile like you are part of the solution, because YOU are! And my friend, your site has never been boring. Some sunny pictures would be great. And I will be delighted to send some to you from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I have 4 days left with my 1995 dark green Dodge Avenger (118,000 miles). A car that has been incredibly reliable for five years. A car that goes fast like I want it to. A car so roomy in the front and back seats for those romantic dates. A car that I took off-road in sand and rock. A car that had my style and sleek-thinking in mind. A car that, well, you know how we can talk about cars now don't you.

Insight: The ability to perceive the true or hidden nature of things. Let us give our fellow man some more of it.

Garrett B.