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3/27/00: Mike Carpenter in Houston exclaims praise for his new Insight #562

Hello John-just wanted to let all of you know I am the proud owner of  Insight 562 delivered today in Houston Texas. I did not have to wait very long for my car and I love it. Only averaged 46 mpg running AC most of afternoon due to Houston Heat!! Still the car beats everything else out there!! Keep up the good work on your site!!


[I asked Mike to tell us more about his purchase. Here's what he told me--InsightMan.]

Hello John,

I am running behind on my mail so I've been unable to write you a piece for my insight. I love technology and first saw the Insight at the Houston Car Show. I love gadgets and computers and knew when I saw the Silver Insight--I had to have one!!

The fuel economy is just the Icing on the Cake. I started looking for one after going to the show. I first went to a dealer in Clear Lake who had an Insight that was already sold. I was able to check it out and sit in it but no test drive. I also found out that the dealer already had 5 people with deposits and that with limited production it might take 3 to 6 months to get one. I decided I wanted one now!!

I started checking around and found a dealer, believe it or not, on the other side of town that had a Silver one on order with A/C but which no one had put a deposit on!! I quickly put my own deposit on the car. This was in the middle of February. I received my Insight on March 23rd. I could not believe my good fortune.

I love the IMA system and it has worked flawlessly. The motor has shut off as advertised with A/C on in Econ mode. Wherever I and my wife go--we get nothing but looks!! And how great our car looks!! I am averaging only 49 miles per gallon but am running A/C down here due to the heat.

I am glad to be a Insight owner and look to hear more from the group!!

One question-I would like to get wheel locks--what size-??
McGard type-where to buy?? 
Interested if someone can help me with this!!
[Check www.mcgard.com for starters--InsightMan!!!!]

Thanks John !!

[MIKE!!!!! It's great to hear how much you like your Insight!!! I'm sure that you're mpg average will improve with practice and dedication. However, beware of Fuelorexia Nervosa!!!! To make contact with other users directly, you should join the Insight mailing list (see the Data page under Organizers on my website for the address. I'll join it myself someday when I find more time to read it--InsightMan!!!!]