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2/16/00: Outlaw Jim Gets Speeding Ticket Testing Insight,  Then Orders One

Hi John,

Well, I'm buying the Insight. I think my VIN number is going to be 222; so I got the car right after yours ;)

The one I'm getting is Silver. I looked at the Insight Registry; I think I'm getting most everything you did except for the cargo bags and crap like that.

Oh yeah, I may be the first person to get a speeding ticket in an Insight. I was test-driving one, lapping Columbus, OH, and was clocked doing 83 in a 65... (I wanted to see if the car could do 90...it can; glad the cop didn't catch me then)...I was going to try and get a red one, but after the ticket (I got the ticket in a yellow one) I think I'll go with the Silver...the date on the ticket is 2/16/00 ... let me know if you hear of anyone getting a ticket prior to that.

So, I think I'll end up signing the papers today. I'll scan the speeding ticket and put it on the web.