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3/21/00: Jim Carter learns the cost of an Insight tire the hard way

Greetings John,

Well, we can tack another first onto my list of experiences with the Honda Insight: blowing a tire. I'll save you from the gory details and just say that it was late, the curb was designed by a person who loves straight lines and had no sense of proportion, and I was tired.

Sad story, isn't it? However, I looked hard at the wheel and couldn't see any damage; we'll see when they put it on the balancer.

If you need a new tire, they're all in California. Call a Firestone/Bridgestone tire dealer and ask for them to order the tire by this part number: 087939. I haven't received the bill yet; the Firestone in Louisville said their computers were messing up. The Firestone dealer in Columbus said the tire's price is $ 58.48.

If you need additional information, and you don't live in California, skip the dealer and call the Distribution center. The number is 800-323-9624. After getting bounced around a few times, I talked to Larry Stevens in Engineering, who was able to give me the information I needed. However, I had to call my local dealer with the info. to get the thing ordered, so don't call Larry to order the tire; he's just an engineer.

Trying :)

Jim Carter
jcart2 @concentric.net
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[Jim, please accept my condolences. Thanks for sharing what must be another embarrassing Insight experience with us. (Actually, your speeding ticket proved the Insight's mettle, so that should not be considered embarassing.) I'm happy to hear it was just a tire, however, and not something more serious, such as the wheel or aluminum steering components. Now we finally know that the tires, while not inexpensive, are not exhorbitantly priced. I'm sure you'll be happy to put that mini-spare back under the cargo box as soon as possible--InsightMan.]