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2/12/00: Insight Owners Cilla and Jay in San Antonio

Thank you for the website of information. It was refreshing to see that the Insights were really coming to the US. I got 'the call' at work on February 8. My husband couldn't go with me, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to touch, feel, and test drive one in real life. After work, I hopped in my SUV and drove to the dealer. On the way, I called my sister, Crystal, and asked her to come along. Yes, this mean sister pulled her away from studying for her economics test. Now tell me, Crys, wasn't the test drive more exciting??? I asked what I could do to secure the vehicle, since I couldn't buy it without my husband present. Maybe that's why he held onto the sight draft from the bank. We've had it ready and waiting since November. I completed the 'hold papers'. My sister and I were so excited and getting sillier by the moment. I couldn't really believe that it was here. First, we were waiting for December, then January, then February. I think part of me was waiting for the call to say "It should really be here in March".

The test drive was fabulous!!! Jeff (from Gunn Honda here in San Antonio, TX) took me and my sister out separately. (Its a two-seater-as I'm sure you are all aware.) I went out first. Jeff walked me through many things and the rest we looked up in the manual. While digging through the glove-compartment contents, Jeff pointed out the IRS form for the rebate for buying such an earth friendly car. Now, I need to figure out how to get one for the 2000 year. The one included is for 1999. The test drive was fabulous. We got in on the highway. I felt myself tense up. Can this little 3 cyl. car really compete with those big ones going so fast on the highway? I know I've read about the top speed being over 100, but I was apprehensive. We were fine. It has decent pickup. However, I have noticed some difficulty with steep hills. However, there aren't many of them around here. At this time, we needed to head back, before my sister took my car home and left me at the dealership.

Crystal went out with Jeff and confirmed my findings. She reported that she had a nice time driving it. And there it was, my second opinion. Let's sign some papers, Jeff.

Crystal and I were very excited. After months of waiting and being on every list in San Antonio, my husband, Jay, and I were going to actually have an Insight of our own. Now all we needed was his opinion to make it happen. He went through all the research with me throughout. However, he had yet to see one in real life.

Jay went to the dealership after work the next day. He called me at work while on the test drive. It was obvious. He liked it, too. I know he didn't want to go through the paperwork without me, but we both wanted to ensure that it was ours. He called and asked if I would mind if he completed the deal without me present. Of course, I didn't mind. However, I was a bit disheartened when told that the car was at home, but I had to head to the dealer after work to sign more papers. I couldn't get home fast enough. I wanted to see the Insight in our drive with the paper plates that displayed our name. Soon enough, there it was. Ours is silver #228.

Jay drove it to work first. The people he works with loved it. He was sure to park it away from other cars. Door dinks, remember? However, the people I work with were asking about it, too. I had been talking about this vehicle for months and on Wednesday, I had multiple phone calls while in a meeting to answer my husband's questions regarding the vehicle. The least I could do was show them. That would mean I would get to drive the new car to work! Yeah!!!

On Thursday night, we took it over to Jay's brother and sister-in-law's house. They also loved it. We enjoyed showing them all the wonderful things about it. Jay's brother, Jim, test drove the vehicle. He seemed to like it as well. However, he also noticed the difficulty it has with steep hills.

It was a wonderful drive to work. It drove so smoothly. However, I kept getting many stares. It does look differently than other cars on the road. When I got to work, a lot of people wanted to see it. All comments were positive. One of my bosses responded to the electrical descriptor of the car. "Does this mean we are going to have to install plugs in the parking lot?" I loved that. I went to my meeting. I was called out of the meeting to move my car, since I didn't park in a parking space. I was told I was in the way of the Maintenance personnel. However, as I go to move my car, I notice them staring at it. I apologize for being in their way. They state that my car is fine, and I don't need to move it. They continue by asking me many questions about it and asking to hear the engine. That would have been fine, if they hadn't pulled me from my meeting.

Later, I drove to lunch. It drove beautifully. However, when we were parking, my wonderful supervising psychologist motioned quickly for me to stop. I hadn't realized how low the front facing goes to the ground. This is not a problem in the SUV I typically drive. When driving the Insight, I'm going to have to stop much sooner than in my SUV. I still cringe when I think of what could have happened. Luckily, the front sidewalk didn't touch the facing.

Even grocery shopping is an experience. I went to perform this task that we all do. As I arrive with my cart, the store security officer arrives to tell me how many people were inspecting my car while I was shopping. He then proceeds to keep me there asking numerous questions while my strawberries are beginning to define 'perishable'. I certainly do not mind answering questions, but some times are more convenient than others.

This morning (Saturday), I was awakened at the early hour of 10 A.M. by the local news. They are meeting us at 4 to talk about the Insight. I'm glad the information is getting out. A local business magazine is also going to contact us about our Insight.

Jay and I are very happy so far. Jeff at Gunn Honda has been with me along the way. He even faxed 12 pages of information, since that was all he had about the vehicle at the time, and most importantly, called me when the first one arrived. My Insight file now has purchasing paperwork in it. I have only been able to get 54 mpg so far. I'm hoping to get better, but compared to the 22 I get with my SUV, I'll take it. As soon as the dealership knows how to install and obtain our accessories, we'll have them too. One step at a time, I guess. I'll keep you posted, and please alert me if possible to noticeable complications with other Insights. Thanks! Have fun!!

Jay and Cilla Stultz
CilaStultz @aol.com
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