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3/28/00: Michael Dooley cops low VIN honors with #119

Found your Insight sight on Yahoo. Thought you might like to know I bought my silver Insight the end of January and just turned over 7,000 miles today at an overall mpg of 62.0. I'm getting 65-67 mpg on my daily 65-mile one-way trip to Knoxville to work. That means my Insight is consuming only 2 gallons a day for the 130-mile round trip. Not too shabby!

It is strange driving a Honda that gets better gas mileage than my Suzuki intruder 800. So far I am digging it and have had no problems other than a small adjustment to the hood latch handle. Almost time for its first oil change. Thanks for your insights on recharging techniques etc. 

See ya later,
MLD in Tennessee

[I asked "MLD" to tell me more (including his name). After a brief rest, he responded--InsightMan.]


Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. Some people have to sleep. One week I work days, the next nights. So I am flip- flopping my sleep schedule often. In answer to your first question, I am Michael (MLD). My wife Cynthia just changed our web-site so I am using her log-on. I can see I need to get my own set-up.

My Vehicle Identification Number is 119. From what I have seen that is extremely low.

[Man! That's the lowest I've ever heard!--InsightMan.]

Channel 6 News did a take on my Insight last week right after a brief on TVA fuel alternatives with the increasing gas prices. According to them, at that time there were just three Insights reported to be in Tennessee.

My Insight was ordered on the internet by an unwilling taker. I don't know how long he waited or why he refused delivery. I walked in the Honda dealership in Morristown to buy a distributor cap for my 87 CRX HF and happened to ask when the Insight would be available. Lo and behold, I got to test drive one and purchased it the same day! How lucky could I get?

[I'm sure there are people seething as they read about your good luck--InsightMan.]

I am very careful (paranoid, if you wish) about where I park it, always trying to get an out-of-the-way spot or a corner place. I wash it quite frequently by hand--right before it rains, it seems. I always open the doors and hatch and wipe off residual soap and water that gets into the door jambs. I have not tried removing the "skirts" yet but after seeing your pictures I will tomorrow!

Have now over 7200 miles and still maintaining the infamous 62.0 mpg rating which has been a constant vigil to be obsessed with. I had the dealership put a pinstripe along the top line running through the door handles and fuel cap lid, which I think kind of takes the highlight off of the line and accents the black trim and skirts. It is a thin over thicker double pinstripe that I am extremely pleased with.

[I'd love to see a picture of the side of your car showing the pinstripe! You chose the only body line that can carry a pinstripe the length of the car. It's too bad that this line is too high to be a practical location for protective side molding--InsightMan.]

As you suggested, I went back and read your "fuelorexia nervosa" and could relate to many of the aspects mentioned. For sure the Insight may induce anorexia nervosa, although I did let my 300+ pound son-in-law drive it up to the top of Clinch Mountain and back (with me along, of course). By the time we reached the top, there was only 2 clicks left on the IMA charge gauge. Anyway, we didn't stop for a piece of their famous vinegar pie or ostrich burgers.

Well, I could ramble on but I'll stop here. I look forward to reading others' thoughts on the Insight and will try to keep you updated on mine.

Michael Dooley
cdooley @charter.net
[note: remove anti-spam space before @ to use this address]

[Michael, I certainly envy your low number and the ease with which you picked up your Insight! I wonder if any of the Insights sold last December in Oregon have double-digit numbers? It sounds like you're one of those commuters for whom Honda built this car. In fact, it seems very right that a loyal Honda Civic HF owner who commutes 130 miles a day should be one of the first to be offered an Insight. Thanks answering all my questions in your fine report--InsightMan]