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June 5, 2000: Michael L. Dooley goes 800.3 miles, has to stop for gas


I guess it is about time for me join the Insight Owners Group. I just went an incredible 800.3 miles on one tank of gas in the past week commuting back and for to the Knoxville area. I went 763 miles before the low fuel pump emblem came on, 27 more miles until no fuel was showing, and 10 more miles playing chicken as some have called it.

I filled up at the same Texaco station in Bean Station I had put 11.1 gallons in last time, and this time it took 11.12 gallons to fill it up the neck which I by now figure holds .5 gallons. A little discrepancy between the 73.3 MPG'S the FCD shows me verses what my calculator says, but nonetheless 800 miles.

By the way I did reset my overall lifetime MPG's on the odometer at 10k and that is now up to 71.2 for the past 1,200 miles (11,200 total, 63.4 for first 10K).

Forget about that 700 mile club I mentioned earlier, that's just for beginners! Let's start and 800 CLUB!!! 


(Michael L. Dooley)
P.S. The low fuel pump emblem stays bright even with the lights on!.

[Michael, 800 MILES! Who's pulling your tow rope? No, really, that's fantastic! Too bad you couldn't attend the Tour de Sol to test your mettle against the other Insights. I'm sure you'd have taken the prize. Some think it sacrilegious to touch that lifetime MPG average, but because you've recorded your performance before resetting it, you haven't lost anything by resetting it. You can always figure out your overall lifetime average. And, after thousands of miles, it's so hard to get a rewarding increment on that lifetime readout anyway that I can understand your motives. Time to start working on my driving techniques--InsightMan.]