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2/18/00: Barry Enright Goes 276 Miles, Gets 71.4 mpg


I took the Insight out on the superslab for a 276 mile trip yesterday. I went from my home to Richmond Virginia and back, straight up and down I-95. It was a sunny breezy day, temperature ranged between 40 and 60 degrees. That stretch of I-95 has some gentle rolling hills, but is mostly flat. Traffic was light to moderate, although I did have a 40 mile stretch of heavy stop and go traffic, getting to and from I-95.

I didnít cut the Insight any slack. I drove it just as I would my 200hp Mercury Sable. Highway speeds during the trip ranged between 50 to 75 mph, most of the time I was cruising at 68 mph. The Insight easily kept up with the flow of traffic. At one point a young man in a green BMW egged me on, to show him the Insights top end. I think both of us were surprised when I hit 95 mph. It probably would have exceeded 100 mph if I had kept the peddle to the metal a little longer. Anybody on the web site a police officer? The BMW driver gave me a thumbs up. I assume that is a positive gesture these days. He had a smile on his face.

Bottom line-- my average mpg for the trip was 71.4. EPA is right on the money. This is a real world figure, I didnít milk the accelerator or do anything unusual to up my mileage. Well, I drafted a 18 wheeler for about 20 miles, but thatís all.

The Insight drove solid as a rock, gusting wind and passing trucks didnít phase it in the least. I felt safe and reasonably comfortable the whole trip. Rough parts of the road did confirm the front tires have 38 psi of firmness, so the ride was not as plush as my Mercury, but it was not uncomfortable either. The only thing I truly desired was cruise control, my right leg gets tired. Think Iíll check with the dealer to see if cruise control can be added to the Insight.

There is a chance my wife and I will go to Pennsylvania this weekend if it doesnít snow. The trip would be through mountain roads that even V8s fear to tread. Iím curious to see what the IMA system will do if the batteries need a charge and the engine needs assistance.

I bought the Insight because it is the cleanest gas powered production car made, I didnít anticipate the entertainment value. Maybe I received more value for my money then I had counted on.

Drive safely,

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