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2/9/00: Barry Enright claims I'm obsessed


You're obsessed with the Insight. You need help! What really worries me is that I understand, and my behavior mirrors your own. It's frightening. Maybe we can get group psychiatric rates. Haven't had a chance to read all of the material on your web site, but I plan to by the end of the week. Your pictures are great. Doting grandparents would be envious.

My daughter gets home from school around 2:30pm after the mail arrives. So I called her from work to see if my service manual had arrived. It took about three days to get the manual, after I ordered it by phone. Now that's service. I was a little disappointed after my initial review, I noticed it doesn't have part numbers as I had expected. I have a Honda motorcycle and the service manual has part numbers and appears to be a little more user friendly. I don't think Honda anticipates Insight owners to be a do-it -yourself crowd. I didn't buy the Body Repair Manual for some unknown reason but I did backorder the Electrical Manual. It seems to me that the electrical system is the critical component and the most complicated.

The last three digits of my S/N is 185. Didn't make the top 100 list. My dealer said I was the only Insight owner in the DC area, but one of my coworkers said they saw one last week on the way to work. Can't verify the sighting.

Like you I'm a living, walking, talking ad for the insight. Do you think Honda did a personality profile before they sold us the cars? If anyone for the DC area contacts you give them my E-Mail address, happy to do my part in spreading the good news. Anything I can do to improve the air quality around here has to be a step in the right direction. Also, feel free to print my message.

My wife "Mary" and my daughter are both munchkins, no weight problem there. I, on the other hand am gaining weight, but currently well within the Insight weight limits, at least for now. I was able to put my daughter's ice hockey equipment in the hatchback compartment with room to spare, which was surprising to her and I.

To date my Insight hasn't seen the open road. We've been restricted to bumper to bumper traffic in and around the capital belt way. My mileage has been averaging around 56 MPG, the best 21 mile trip to work was 62 MPG. Not bad under gridlock conditions. Filled up the car with gas today for the first time ($9.65 at 7.5 gal). I plan to do my first oil and filter change at 600 miles. I have 450 miles on the odometer now.

I plan to take a day off soon and visit my brother in Richmond VA. The trip would be about 110 miles one way. The route would be down I 95 in moderate whether conditions. It should be a good comparison to your Ohio trip. I will let you know the results.

Drive Safely