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3/29/00: Barry Enright's Insight blows a tire, so he orders three


My Insight's left rear tire blew out while my wife was driving. No road hazards, just blew out on its own. Maybe this will teach her not to drive my car.Hope this isn't a trend, like the skirt fasteners.

[To my knowledge, only one owner has lost his fender skirt so far, so unless you know of others, this is not yet a trend--InsightMan.]

I have three tires on order, one from the Honda dealer and two from a Bridgestone dealer. I ordered the tires on Monday and expect to get delivery this Friday, earliest. I'll make my spares available so others won't have to wait, if the unfortunate should happen.

[There's so little weight on the Insight's rear tires that your misfortune is surprising, especially because the rear tires carry only 35 psi pressure. With no road hazard to blame, I'm suspecting the tire must have been defective. Thanks for your generous offer to make your spare tires available to others who might find themselves in your situation!  But shame on you for trying to lay a guilt-trip on your wife!--InsightMan.]

Barry Enright
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