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3/12/00: Details of Dr. Freewater's quest for an Insight

[I asked Dr. Freewater to tell us more about how he acquired his Insight last December and here's his reply--InsightMan.]

As I recall, I discovered insight slightly less than a year ago in the "VV" stage of development. After hearing about the Toyota Prius, I performed several web searches and eventually stumbled on the old www.hondahybrid.com site then the http://www.openfrontier.com/insight site which was the motherload of reviews and opinions. The descriptions of actual gas mileage range given driving style adjustment really swung the decision for me.

After pestering several dealers (tried the locals first), I found a salesman who had a clue, i.e. knew of the existence of VV and worked at a dealership who was going to get a few Insights. I actually took the first one which arrived at the dealer without deposit or advance order and color was a secondary matter but I had my preferences (like avoiding "pull me over officer" red, if possible).

[Yeah, like you're invisible to the enforcers in your alien green Insight--InsightMan.]

I am certainly the only Insight owner in THIS town although since my purchase, the local dealership has told me that will probably get one sometime. The allotment for Oregon this model year is 25, or so I'm told. Back when we Insight owners were all being pestered by TV cameras, I knew of one in Salem and one in Portland, and heard of one in Roseburg and one in Eugene. The dealership I purchased mine from was scheduled to get 3 or 4 total and they could probably sell 30. They haven't stayed on the lot very long. I have also heard that the Insight has been well- received in L.A. with some waiting lists backed up by 2 years.

[Can anyone in LA confirm this rumor? Other California Insight seekers have succeeded by going outside LA. and I can't believe that anyone would get on a 2-year waiting list--InsightMan.]

Oregon drivers have been gouged at the gas pump for some time now ($1.45 or more for at least a year) possibly because we don't have a refinery. Shipments come in from Seattle and the S.F. Bay area with transportation charges and maybe some hikes that are more fickle if one of Oregon's US senators is correct. It's not a surprise that Insight would sell well here. We still have a few vestiges of nature and many people who would like to preserve it. We also have a central valley which could become a smoggy hell hole if we don't find improvements. This is well acknowledged by the intelligencia of Portland, who are wacky for electric light rail passenger service (the Tri-Met MAX Light Rail website: http://www.tri-met.org/moving.htm)

Brian of Insight Central (http://www.openfrontier.com/insight) should be given a job in Honda's marketing department. [I'm confident Brian would be happy if Honda would just deliver his Insight!--InsightMan.]

Dr. Milton Freewater
xflies @excite.com
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