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3/8/00: Warren Goyer goes 230 miles from LA to buy #148

My Insight is a red one. I've been watching the news releases on the car since I saw it at the L.A. Auto show over a year ago. I had to work fairly hard to get one. Virtually ALL of the Honda Dealers around here (maybe 20 of them) wouldn't give me the time of day when I asked about it. If I didn't want something they had on the lot that day, they didn't want to talk to me. [Last December, pretending to live in LA, I called many of those same dealers. I was amazed at how poorly I was treated when I told them I was ready to buy an Insight. One irritated salesman said, "Look! You're a lot more interested in this car than I am!" I kid you not--InsightMan.]

Finally, I read on the EV newsgroup that Sunset Honda in San Luis Obisbo, CA had ordered some. I called Sunset Honda (it is 230 miles from my house) and they were very nice and had four Insights for sale. I drove up, took a test drive, and drove one home. [I came, I saw, I bought, eh?--InsightMan]

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