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5/4/00: Victoria Huang wrestles boyfriend for Insight #573 in Bay area

My story is one of fate.

I had thoughts about getting an Insight when I first heard about it, which was around Christmas 99. I was thinking about getting a new car, as my '96 Saturn was costing me a lot of money by breaking down too frequently. What I needed was a car from a reliable manufacturer, with good fuel economy. After I read the information on your site, I was a little worried about crosswinds, wheels being too narrow, not being able to go uphill etc., so, I called around to see if I could test drive one before I really put my heart into it. Well, no Honda dealers around had an Insight. Some said that they might get one before end of February, so I asked to be called when one comes in.

In March, I really needed a new car! I commute 40 miles to work, and had become more and more nervous every time I got in my Saturn. I test drove a few cars, and put my deposit down on a Corolla to be built. A month later (on a Friday) Toyota contacts me, saying that they couldn't order one I wanted (no reason given), but that I could wait 2-3 more months for the 2001 models. I was livid. Through the weekend, I had to make a decision as to wait or get another car.

The following Monday, before I got back to Toyota, Honda called. They got an Insight! I went to see it immediately. Although I couldn't test drive it because the fuses were not installed, it was love at first sight. Fearing that my opportunity would be fleeting away if I waited to test drive it, I gave them the big check (The dealer slapped a 2k fee on top of the ticket price.) Boyfriend said that he'd be more than happy to take the car if I hated it after driving it.

I now have Insight number 573. It's a silver one, with rear speakers. It's really a fun car to drive, according to boyfriend, who couldn't be seen without it nowadays. I'm more than satisfied with it, even if it doesn't have room for a golden retriever that I wanted to have.


[Victoria, thanks for the report. Toyota really dropped the ball here--luckily for you! I believe a golden retriever raised from birth to ride in the cargo area of an Insight could handle the slightly cramped conditions. Now if you could just get those keys back from your boyfriend--InsightMan.]