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3/6/00: Keeper of the Insight Mailing List,  Christian Jenkins, gets his VIN (almost a car)


Though I don't know as it's *quite* appropriate for me to register yet, I'm just busting to tell somebody! My Insight is due to arrive now within the next 12-16 days! I have the VIN now and everything.

I am getting number 585, and I have to confess to being a little bummed about having such a high number. Then again, that's still a lot lower than 4000, and I'll *still* be the first one on my block. ;^)

Although I live in Ypsilanti, Mi, I am getting my silver Insight from Metro Honda in Ferndale, MI. Basically, I ordered it with everything. A/C, CD changer, rear speakers, mats, cargo bag...I think that's it.

I am SO looking forward to this... It's taking some self-restraint not to call my salesman every day. :^D As it is, he's been really good to me. While I am paying MSRP (a topic of some debate on the Insight list recently), they are giving me a 20% discount on all of my accessories--to the tune of about $500 in savings. Bonus!

Oh, and one last item: I intend to get a personalized plate... "NO PLUG." Failing that, I'll shoot for "70 MPG." [Note to EVman: please contact Chris directly about this plate if you still think NO PLUG sounds offensive even though you'll be picking up your own plugless Insight soon--InsightMan.]


---chris ("Is it here yet? Is it here yet??")
cmj @ans.net
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[Chris was one of the first visitors to my website and I met him and gave him a ride the day I picked up my car. Even then, in his words he was "so geeked" about the Insight that it was clear to me that it would be only a matter of time before he had one of his own. If you would like to join his Insight Mailing List, see the Organizers section on my Data page--InsightMan]