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4/6/00: Keeper of the Insight Mailing List,  Christian Jenkins, gets his Insight

WOO HOO! It's here!!

Just thought I'd share...

I picked up my little silver #585 last night! I'm completely geeked about it still...and so far I've already put about 120 miles on it! (I live about 50 miles from the dealer, plus a couple of show-rides, a grocery run, etc. It adds up quickly!)

I really couldn't be any happier with the car. It's everything I expected it would be. First impressions? It definitely takes some getting used to to drive. The computer's mantra seems to be "Are we in fifth yet? Are we in fifth yet?" And I've already developed a little bit of what Insightman has dubbed "fuelorexia nervosa." I'm finding I now have a critically light foot on the gas. :^)

So far as I've gotten to know the car til now, I've found very few shortcomings. My rear glass seems somewhat distorted. That may just be a result of the shape of the window, and I'm already used to it, but it was still a surprise. I've also had to get used to the reduced visibility out the back as compared to my Saturn. (Then again, Saturns have a LOT of glass...)

Otherwise, I'm just itching for excuses to drive now! People are just amazed at how quiet the Insight is when it first starts up (IMA motor at work here). And personally, I love the little LCD ballet the gauges do when it runs its self-test. :^)

And as for the gawk-factor (as opposed to the geek-factor ;^) I was amazed when I wasn't even a block away from the dealership and some guy had rolled down his window and was grilling me about my car! What fun!

Anyway, I've blathered enough. Just wanted to share the joy and offer encouragement to those out there who are still waiting.


cmj @ans.net
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[Chris was one of the first visitors to my website and I met him and gave him a ride the day I picked up my car. Even then, in his words he was "so geeked" about the Insight that it was clear to me that it would be only a matter of time before he had one of his own. If you would like to join his Insight Mailing List, see the Organizers section on my Data page--InsightMan]