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3/13/00: Steve Matthais' Insight was 112 miles (1.8 gallons) from his Indiana home

Picked up my Formula Red Insight, VIN 215. The return trip from the dealer was 112 miles. We averaged 60.2 MPG, mostly interstate hwy. My son drove my other car (a 1997 Yukon full-size SUV). Yes, I will keep the Yukon as I am not convinced the Insight will handle the snow, ice and slush of the unplowed roads in Indiana, and I need the Yukon to tow my Polaris Personal Watercraft to AZ, TN, and MI where I run it.

In any event, with my son running the Yukon at 75 MPH while I was using my best Dale Earnhart "drafting technique", we could get 70 MPG on a short stretch. I would not recommend this technique, but it is obvious that wind has a big effect on MPG.

[When Car and Driver achieved 121 mpg, they were following a Ford Excursion (with the rear doors open) so closely that the Insight driver couldn't even see the Excursion's brake lights! Now THAT'S scary. I've found that traveling with heavy traffic can increase the gas mileage by as much as 10 mpg--InsightMan.]

Everything else is OKAY, they are shipping me the rear speakers and I will install them. I'm also getting the floor mats and cargo mat. [The Cargo Net looks cool in the cargo area, get the Cargo Net, too--InsightMan.] Thanks to previous postings, I had the dealer also include 2 spare fasteners for the skirts. [Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm afraid I'll lose one down the drain at the car wash--InsightMan.]

Thanks for all the info, it helped me make a positive decision. [You're very welcome. Interesting reports such as yours make this site a real pleasure for me! But you didn't say how long it will be before your son gets to take the Insight ;^) --InsightMan, the troublemaker.]

Steve Matthias

[Steve, you've shown true dedication to go so far for your Insight! Regarding your decision to keep the Yukon, it would be difficult to match the utility of a Yukon, especially  if you have need of a tow vehicle. The Insight Owner's Manual says towing stuff will void the warranty. Furthermore, the lower ground clearance of the Insight make it less suitable for unplowed roads and the tread of the Insight's OEM "mud and snow" tires isn't really aggressive enough for serious snow. I've purchased some inefficient 165x65/14 snow tires for next winter, when I'll no longer have my CRX, which always handled fairly deep snow just fine with its real snow tires. Let's see, at 14 mpg city/18 mpg highway (assuming you get the same mileage as a 2000 Yukon) if you split your driving evenly between the Insight and the Yukon, your average will be 22 mpg city/28 mpg highway--InsightMan.]