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3/9/00: MiataMyk analyzes the Insight and finds it a derivative travesty

Nice page even if the slogans page does rag on you a bit ;)

Citroen.. Not! comes to mind ;) 

There is a lot to like about the car, there are a few things to seriously dislike about the car. The dislikes are easy in that NOTHING on that cars appearance is original! It's all taken from somewhere else, some of it through Honda but most of it outside.  Then comes the performance. In '85 you could buy a CRX-HF that would get 54-58mpg with some people nabbing up to 62mpg when tuned perfectly. This is on a straight gasoline car with a carbeurator! Cost was between $9,500-10,500 brand new with the options. Now for DOUBLE the money you get an extra 5-10mpg?  Those two things coupled with meager storage space for a hatchback will drive off quite a few would-be buyers.

If you are curious as to where all the parts of the car are stolen from feel free to check: http://home.tampabay.rr.com/miatamyk/insight.htm

Miata Myk,
miatamyk @tampabay.rr.com
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[I spent an hour writing my response to MM after reviewing his analysis of the Insight's exterior and dashboard on his website. He never mentions the basic reason for the Insight's existence, the aluminum construction, or the amazing 1-liter engine. He thinks Honda could build a CRX HF today for $10K, ignoring the vastly different equipment levels and current emissions and crash-protection requirements. He even criticizes the appearance of the person standing next to the Insight at the dealership where he took the pictures for his site. But I realize it's all in fun--InsightMan.]