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3/8/00: John Moore buys car cover in Japan, waits for Insight in US


I just picked up a Cover for the Insight from a Honda Dealer in Japan. If your interested here is my take on it:

It cost me 15,750 Yen (about $147.) A little "pricey" but it is a custom fitted cover and appears to be of very high quality. It's a metallic-blue color like the Aquamarine color available on Japanese domestic Insights. The material appears to be made of a light weight Nylon that looks very strong and feels waterproof. It has a white Honda Logo on the front. There are also pockets on each side for the mirrors. Underneath the cover in the center is a 1.5 by 1 foot pouch that the entire cover is designed to fold into It is very convenient. I will bring it to California in my suitcase because it folds into a small package.

There is a logo on the pouch with some words in Japanese. The Logo is round with the image of two arms hugging a Globe. I translated the words and it seems that in keeping with the Eco-friendly image of the Honda Insight, the cover is made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!

The cover is held in place on the car by it's form-fitting shape and elastic sewn into the front and rear edges. I noticed there isn't a way to secure it and prevent it from being stolen. I figure a couple leather patches and some brass eyelets from an outdoor equipment store might fix that.

Now I've got to get an Insight to go under it. My dealer said the Citrus-Yellow Insight I ordered two months ago will be in at the end of March.

I can't wait.

John Moore,
Fairfield, California
JohnM15141 @Hotmail.com
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[This cover can be seen on the Japanese Insight website's accessory pages. My biggest weather worry is hail pelting my Insight's aluminum body. I'm dreaming of a car cover with inflatable topside panels that could be deflated to fit in the Insight's cargo box. Maybe I'll buy a couple of kiddie air mattresses to go under the car cover my loving wife bought me for my birthday--InsightMan.]