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4/14/00: Anthony Navarro leaves his Explorer for Insight #163

Hey John... after much hullabaloo (is that for real???) I got my Insight. It's silver, like yours, and it's awesome. Unlike you, who went from a spiffy CRX to the Insight, I'm leaving behind a 1996 Ford Explorer.

I've put on 250 miles on it already and have demoed it a number or times to passing strangers :-)

Question about my VIN: is it the last few numbers or the middle set of #s that determines the make of the car? If it's the last, I have Insight# 163. I was hoping to be in the first century club but looks like NOT :-)

The custom plate I'm going to apply for is ECOSENSE.

Love the pics of the get together you had with the other Insighters. Keep up the great work!