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5/3/00: Brian and Pearl get first Canadian Insight--Finally!

[I'm so happy that my friend Brian, creator of the first Insight website, Insight Central, finally got his car! He deserved to get this Insight that arrived on the first day of Canadian Insight sales because he's done so much for so many people in search of Insight info. I was glad to receive this message after midnight--InsightMan.]

Hi John,

It is time to get some sleep, so I'll make this short.

Pearl and I can now be counted among the ranks of Insight owners!

The car was, as expected, ready when we arrived at Dow Honda at the appointed hour. So, we took delivery of the car one day after the official Canadian introduction date. I'll write more later, but here are a few tidbits:

- You'll be happy to know that James had a black Insight T-shirt for us, along with some other Insight material that he managed to scrounge up. I'll pass copies on to you.

- We took a less than direct route home. When we reached the Kemptville exit from the highway, neither Pearl nor I wanted our first journey together in our Insight to end yet, so we continued south to Prescott and drove a short way along a (nice twisty) road that follows the St. Laurence seaway, before turning back towards home.

- The warranty booklet we received is a standard booklet that applies to all Hondas sold in Canada. This was accompanied by an "2000 Insight emission warranty addendum" which indicates that all of the following items are covered for 8 years / 130,000 km:

- Motor stator
- Motor rotor
- Motor commutation sensor
- Motor power cable
- Battery assembly
- Motor power inverter module
- Battery condition monitor module

Aren't some of the motor components only covered for 3
years in the U.S.?

[All motor parts are good for 3 years here--InsightMan.]

The owner's manual appears identical to the one you have, right down to the errors. We also received a version of the owner's manual in French.

- Between yesterday and today, the car accumulated 70 km (the odometer was at 7 yesterday). The fuel efficiency gauge read 7.8 l/100km when we took delivery. I have not, and WILL NOT, reset the lifetime fuel economy. We've already got the lifetime average down into the 5 l/100km range with the additional 80 or so km we traveled tonight.