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4/27/00: Bob Polaro's vertical 85.5 mpg Insight excursion

From Sea Level to 7239 feet! Achieved 85.5 mpg.

Went on a ski trip to Tahoe from Santa Cruz, a total of 283 miles (1 direction). I wanted to see how the car performed on the 90 mile grade just north of Sacramento. I had to work the transmission quite a bit to keep the speed above 50 mph. (downshifting to 3rd).

Weather: clear
3000 feet 60 mpg 55% battery charge
4000 feet 58 mpg 30%
5000 feet 58 mpg 25%
6000 feet 58 mpg 20% - some down grades and up grades follow - I think the engine might have done a forced recharge here...
7239 feet 57 mpg 40% - this was a surprise
6900 feet 58 mpg 100%

Returned from the North shore of the lake at 6900 feet to Donner Summit at 7239 feet dropping to just before Sacramento at 250 feet altitude. I maintained enough speed to stay in the left lane (70 mph) for the 93 mile trip. I peaked at 85.5 a number of times. It appeared like that was the maximum mpg the car was able to get.

These were the results at the following altitudes:
5000 feet 74mpg
2000 feet 83mpg 73 miles
1000 feet 84mpg 86 miles
600 feet 85mpg 90 miles
250 feet 85.5 mpg 93 miles !!!!!!!!!

This report is also in the roundtrip section at: http://www.openfrontier.com/insight/trips.html

Vin #236
Mileage is at 5500 at this writing.
Lifetime mpg 56.1
polaro @hotmail.com