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3/19/00: Insight takes on Oahu's Pali mountain pass


I couldn't wait any longer for the Citrus Yellow and took the silver when it came in two days ago. I figured that if I didn't like the car I would have a better chance at selling the silver.

After driving the car home over the Pali mountain pass between the windward side of Oahu and Honolulu where I live Thursday night I realized that this little auto was meeting all my expectations. Like others I have become totally fascinated with this machine (I often look out the window and it brings a smile to my face). I got it for an out-the-door price of $22,000 with mats and cargo net. I think the next ones will go higher as the increasing price of gas has perked up interest in gas efficient cars.

[Plus, Honda is raising their standard destination charge--InsightMan.]

I would like to ask you if you have or have seen an Insight with the Honda dealer side molding on it. The dealer strongly recommended it but I was reluctant to mess with the beauty of the side esthetics. I will use it around town and in shopping centers etc and I think the side molding might really help the thin skinned aluminum sides ward off vicious parking lot abrasions. But then again, I hate to mess with a thing of modern beauty.... Did Barbara Streisand mess with her nose...even when every agent in Hollywood told her to see Dr. Plastic on her first day off??? What do you think InsightMan...I need guidance.

Thanks...and happy motoring

P.S. I just might have to move to the mainland or put floats on my Insight, as I run out of room every time I start to get my MPG's up.

[Ralph, you pose a very tough question about side molding. I've addressed this issue in one of my Opinion articles, "Why does the Insight have no side molding?" My solution is to park as far away as possible from other cars, or drive my CRX (which I'm selling, so I'll have to take my wife's Civic)--InsightMan.]