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2/16/00: Insight Owner Jeff Shukis Works the Web, Gets One Immediately

Hi John,

I love efficient things. Appliances, computers, water heaters, you name it. I knew that I wanted the Honda Insight when I first heard about it over a year ago. Unfortunately I waited too long. When I finally decided that I was ready to buy, I could not find a dealership that would take my money and order one. Most either knew nothing about the car or had lists of people waiting for them to arrive.

My tactic was simple: send an email message to every Honda dealership in California until I found someone with a silver one with A/C at MSRP for sale now. Forgive my impatience but I live in Silicon Valley. After sending over a hundred email messages to dealers and listening to salespeople say words like 'June' and 'July', I picked mine up on February 10, 2000 in Santa Rosa after Gary Starr of zapworld.com (the electric bike company) decided not to purchase the one that he ordered. It is number 265. I paid MSRP and was too excited to haggle over the accessories. I ordered the CD changer, the rear speakers, floor mats, cargo mat, and cargo net.

It is a great car. So good even that my BMW-driving wife Andrea blessed it. She hates just about every other efficient appliance we own except for the Asko washer and dryer. I have been getting 63 MPG average with a mix of highway and city driving and a decidedly light touch on the gas. This will probably drop when my wife starts driving it.

If I could change anything it would be the power steering. I love the accuracy of the electric motor but would prefer less steering assistance. They should also make the rear speakers and floor mats standard, even if it raises the price $100.

Jeff Shukis
jshukis @promptu.com
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