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2/25/00: George Yeager's random Insightful thoughts

I've figured out how to charge the batteries using John's light braking technique. They're almost running over right now.

I'd think like a button on the shift lever to force either 20% or full recharge when I think it's OK (and the car agrees). I'd use it on exit ramps without braking or on level runs to recover more quickly. Then again, the car may be smarter than I am.

I know it would be tacky, but the car could use color coordinated bumper strips on the aluminum side panels. I'm going to be totally destroyed when I get my first door ding, and I know it is coming. How about a silver strip about 1 inch wide, half an inch high, and with a narrow recessed stripe of "electric vomit green." OK, I won't say anymore about this.

Cruise control. What more can I say. Does the car have an electronic throttle or an old fashioned throttle cable? I have not looked. If the throttle doesn't have an IBM 390 between it and my foot, I might be able to add one. I think this would help economy. If there is a computer in there, we could probably get John to write a "Cruise Control Java Script."

Sun's rising. Gotta go wash the car.

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[George, I know what you mean about your fear of impending door dings. I can't see how they would integrate the strips into the design of the Insight's side panels, however. As far as having additional control over the IMA charge and assist, Honda clearly wanted this car to drive like a regular non-hybrid automobile. The omission of a cruise control option remains puzzling.  Finally, I'm a Perl programmer; don't know Java from a hill of beans. The car probably runs on Hondascript, anyway.--InsightMan P.S. I'm not going to allow any more "Insightfuls" in the Feedback heads.]