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3/3/00: George Yeager's first trip in his Insight: 65.5 mpg

308 miles in southeast Ohio and western West Virginia. There were quite a few hills, and I used the IMA frequently. The car had little difficulty maintaining speed with two aboard (with IMA). Speed was always as posted (65-70 MPH). I only got 65.5 MPG. Still, given load and terrain, that's probably not bad.

[George, your experience is very close to my first trip results of 66 mpg. Have you checked to make sure you've got the specified 38  psi in the front tires and 35 in the rear?--InsightMan.]

HA7150 @columbus.rr.com
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George subsequently wrote:

I checked the tires cold on receipt of your note.  Rears were at 40, RF was 38, LF was 35.  I reset fronts to 38, rears to 35.  I should have checked on delivery.  Bad boy.  Thanks for the jog.

I really enjoyed the trip.  Had many rubberneckers and people giving me the "thumbs up!"

[Attention Insight owners: Don't assume your dealer has inflated your tires properly--InsightMan]