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4/15/00: George and the Insight oil salesman


I picked up one quart of 0W-20 oil from my dealer. The part number is 08798 9022. The price was $5.75. I don't know if the oil is synthetic. The price is about right for a specialty synthetic. If it is not, Honda has found a way to make some money on the Insight after all. I also ordered two skirt fasteners. I'll keep the oil and fasteners in the rear storage area "just in case."

Have you noticed any difference between pure gasoline and gasoline containing ethanol?
[I can't tell any difference between my mileage without or with ethanol. I have wondered if an Insight could get better gas mileage with premium because it could run leaner without knocking--InsightMan.]

George Yeager

[My dealer charges a little less per quart. But the Insight needs less than 3 quarts when the oil and filter is changed, so it's not too bad. I've heard that the 0W-20 oil Honda sells for the Insight is not a synthetic oil, but it is a higher quality oil than what you can purchase from the big names--InsightMan.]