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4/25/00: George Yeager's got the disease: 60.1 mpg lifetime average


I finally worked my lifetime to back to 60 (actually 60.1). This tank has 84 miles on it and the segment is 64.8. This is all in-town driving. Not bad.

I seem to have noticed that I can accelerate in third and fourth gear with a little IMA and hold the consumption at 50, if I'm careful. I can add more IMA and the consumption stays about the same. I'm going to keep an eye on this for a few days. I really hate seeing 30 MPG under acceleration. Fuelorexia Nervosa (or whatever) is getting to me.


[You're the man, George! I've committed too many jackrabbit starts showing off my Insight and just having a good time when it was brand new so my lifetime average at 4,000 miles is only 54 mpg even though my daily segment average is usually around 62 these days. Good show with that big six-oh--InsightMan.]