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Insight Tire Text

This is what you can read on the side of the Insight's Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tires designed specifically for the Honda Insight:

Bridgestone Potenza RE92 P165/65R14 78S
Tubeless Steel Belted Radial M+S
Treadwear 260    Traction A    Temperature B
Made in Japan

The M+S indicates "Mud and Snow," but my experience indicates that, though these tires are quieter than special-purpose snow tires, they provide much less traction in the snow. I've purchased some discontinued, low-mpg Pirelli snow tires that match the size of the OEM tires for use next winter, after I sell my CRX. I haven't had the opportunity to compare the OEM tires to special-purpose mud tires ;^)

The Owner's Manual specifies 38psi in the front tires and 35psi in the rear tires. The pressure specified for the Bridgestone mini spare hiding below the rear storage compartment is 60psi.

None of the tire dealers I've checked have any information about these tires.