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Electronic Instrument Display

Housed in a hooded central pod directly in front of the driver, the Insight's Electronic Instrument Display is a combination analog and digital readout that shows all important information about the Insight's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system and its effect on vehicle performance.

The display is divided into three sections. On the left is the gasoline-engine status section, showing engine rpm and coolant temperature, as segmented analog displays. In the middle of the IMA display is a large digital speedometer, and below it is the Insight's lifetime odometer. Along with the lifetime odometer, a lifetime fuel-economy readout and a bar graph that shows instantaneous fuel economy from 0 to 150 miles-per-gallon can be displayed.

A button on the left side of the instrument panel, marked "FCD" for fuel-consumption display, toggles between the lifetime odometer, two resettable trip odometers and a third mode called the trip-segment mileage display. The two trip odometers, marked A and B, also show trip fuel economy, as well as instantaneous fuel economy. The trip-mileage display mode can be used to ascertain a miles-per-gallon reading for a specific segment of a trip, such as freeway fuel economy or fuel economy while accelerating.

The right side of the Insight's Electronic Instrument Display houses IMA system indicators for fuel level and battery charge, and the IMA Charge and Assist indicator. The Charge and Assist indicator shows whether the IMA system is being recharged or is supplying electrical energy to the IMA electric motor. An economy shift-indicator with arrows for both up and down shift points, is located in the center of the display.

The usual warning and status lights for various systems, such as the Immobilzer Theft-Deterrent system, SRS, door and hatch ajar, electric power steering and electrical system are also part of the Electronic Instrument Display.