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Aluminum Brake Components

In the interest of reducing overall vehicle weight, Honda engineers specified front brake calipers and rear brake drums made of aluminum (these components are usually made of iron). Like the rest of the suspension's aluminum components, these lightweight pieces also help to enhance vehicle handling and ride quality


Lightweight Exhaust System

The Insight's exhaust system incorporates several weight- and space-saving measures made possible by the IMA engine's reduced size. For example, smaller-diameter, thinner gauge pipe is used, thereby saving the weight that would be required for a larger engine. In addition, the system's smaller weight and the elimination of the exhaust header (the header is now integral with the cylinder head) allowed it to be constructed as a single unit, thus eliminating the additional weight of interconnecting exhaust flanges.


Aluminum Engine Mounts

The Insight IMA engine uses lightweight aluminum-alloy engine mounting brackets that incorporate hydraulic (liquid-filled) mounts that help damp engine vibration. The mounts are located on the axis of the engine's principal inertial moment (the axes about which the engine vibrates). At these points, the least amplitude of engine vibration is transmitted from engine to frame, which significantly reduces engine-idle vibration.


Plastic-Resin Fuel Tank

The Insight's 10.6-gallon fuel tank is made of strong, lightweight plastic resin, instead of the more commonly used stamped and welded steel.