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Electronic Instrument Display

In place of a conventional set of instruments and gauges, the Insight features a unique electronic instrument display. The display is a combination analog and digital readout that is designed to be easily read and understood.

The display is divided into three sections: The left side shows information about the gasoline engine's status, such as engine rpm and coolant temperature, as well as various status and warning lights for engine oil pressure, check engine, maintenance required and 12-volt system.

The middle of the panel features a digital display of fuel economy, including a large digital speedometer, odometer and lifetime fuel economy readout, as well as A and B trip odometers and trip fuel-economy indicators. Instantaneous fuel economy is provided by a graduated digital meter. A large select button marked "FCD" for fuel consumption display (on the left side of the electronic display) allows the driver to choose various display modes.

The right side of the electronic instrument display monitors the status of the vehicle's battery and electric motor systems. A charge/assist indicator shows when the IMA system's electric motor is assisting the engine, and when the system is charging the batteries. Also, a state of charge indicator for the IMA batteries, a gasoline fuel-level indicator, and an economy shift indicator are incorporated into the display.

An interesting side effect of the Insight's electronic instrument display and the information it presents is that it encourages the driver to take an interest in increasing the system's fuel efficiency, much like a player of a video game will try to improve his or her score.


Comfort and Convenience Features

The Insight boasts a very comprehensive list of comfort, convenience and power features, including variable-assist electric power steering (EPS), anti-lock brakes, power windows, mirrors and door locks, optional air conditioning, AM/FM stereo cassette player with clock, a driver's vanity mirror, map lights and a 12-volt accessory outlet.

Security features include an Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System and remote keyless entry for the doors and rear hatch.