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Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires

The Insight features specially designed 165/65 R14 78S mud- and snow-rated low-rolling-resistance fires. These new tires account for as much as a 40-percent reduction in rolling resistance when compared to conventional tires, while maintaining high levels of comfort and stability


Electric Power Steering (EPS)

In place of a hydraulically assisted power-steering system, the Insight uses an electrically assisted rack-and-pinion system called EPS, or electric power steering. The system is similar to the type used on the Honda S2000 and Acura NSX, and like those systems, has several advantages, including simplicity, compactness and greater efficiency due to the system's lower power consumption. The system is also smoother and more responsive to driver input.

The Insight's EPS system is a new, more compact design, with the steering links pivoted at the center of the rack rather than at the ends. In addition, the system is mounted high on the engine-compartment bulkhead, so that it will not interfere with the Insight's front-impact protection system.