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Compact Twist-Beam Rear Suspension

The Insight's rear suspension consists of twin trailing arms interconnected by a curved, flattened beam (called a twist beam) midway along their length. The twist beam is open along one side, so it will twist in response to the movement of the trailing arms and function as an anti-roll bar (stabilizer bar). The Insight's twist-beam rear suspension system is very compact, and, along with a 10.6-gallon, plastic-resin fuel tank and spare-fire compartment, sits entirely below the cargo area floor. Coil springs are used, and the system's telescopic shock absorbers are mounted at a separate location, which also contributes to the Insight's flat cargo floor.

Large rubber bushings, built into the trailing-arm pivots, provide bump compliance, as well as enhanced stability via toe control when cornering. The trailing arms and interconnecting twist beam are made of steel.


Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires

The Insight features specially designed 165/65 R14 78S mud- and snow-rated low-rolling-resistance tires, mounted on 14 X jj aluminum-alloy wheels. These new tires have 40 percent less rolling resistance than conventional tires and a 5-percent reduction in weight.