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Honda Insight Integrated Motor Assist System

  1. Overview
  2. Technical Innovations Found in the Insight IMA System
  3. Integrated Motor Assist System
  4. World's Smallest and Most Efficient 1.0-Liter Gasoline Automobile Engine
  5. IMA System 1.0-Liter VTEC-E Engine Specifications
  6. Offset Cylinder Bores
  7. Compact, High-Strength Connecting Rods"
  8. Low-Friction Pistons
  9. Lightweight Magnesium Oil Pan
  10. Lightweight Plastic Engine Components
  11. IMA VTEC-E Cylinder Head
  12. Compact, Single Rocker-Shaft Valvetrain
  13. Coaxial, Roller-Element Rocker Arms
  14. Integrated Exhaust Manifold
  15. Nitrogen-Oxide-Adsorptive Catalytic Converter
  16. IMA Electric Motor Assist
  17. Idle-Stop Feature
  18. IMA Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)
  19. Compact Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Pack
  20. Lightweight IMA 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  21. Transmission Gear Ratios