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World's Smallest and Most Efficient 1.0-Liter Gasoline Automobile Engine

Primary motive power for the Insight is supplied by a 1.0-liter, 12-valve, 3-cylinder VTEC engine linked to a 5-speed manual transmission. Built with lightweight materials, such as aluminum, magnesium and plastic, this super-efficient engine weighs only 124 lbs. and is the smallest and lightest 1.0-liter production gasoline automobile engine in the world.

Some of the advanced technologies used in the Insight's IMA gasoline engine include its compact VTEC-E cylinder head, nitrogen-oxide adsorptive catalytic converter, integrated cylinder head and exhaust manifold, and plastic-resin intake manifold, valve cover and water-pump pulley. Magnesium alloy is used to make the oil pan, and the IMA engine also boasts numerous advanced friction-reduction techniques that help minimize frictional power loss.

Fuel induction is via an advanced version of Honda's sequential programmed fuel injection, and the ignition is a direct type with individual ignition coils for each cylinder and long-lasting iridium-tipped spark plugs.